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My Brother Sam is Dead Maps of Redding, CT

Map of Redding that relates to My Brother Sam is Dead.
Google Map of Redding with information about My Brother Sam is Dead added

my brother sam is dead map

1780 Map of West Chester and Fairfield County showing Redding, Ridgebury, Salem, Verplanck Point.
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with locations mentioned in the novel.

Numbered and Labeled Map of People and Places related to My Brother Sam is Dead:

1. Meeker's Tavern

2. Lt. Stephen Betts/Parsons' Headquarters

3. Jerry Sanford

4. Anglican Church

5. William Heron

6. Ned's house (where Ned lived)

7. Presbyterian Church

8. Col. John Read and Betsy Read's House

9. Tom Warrups' Hut

10. Putnam Park, main encampment

11. Second Camp, Gen. Parsons' encampment

12. Gallows Hill, site of Sam's execution

Map with stars showing Tim and Life's cattle drive route to Verplancks Point





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